Seal Pup Dies From Stress After Too Many People Tried To Pet It

Seeing wild animals out in their natural habitat is not something that we should take for granted. No matter how cute or small they may be, we still must treat them with respect and as wild animals, and give them the space they deserve.

Sadly, some people don’t know how to enjoy a natural sighting from afar, and as a result, a little baby seal has died due to the “stress” associated with people crowding it on a beach in Russia.

As the environmental conservation organization, Seal Rehab, reported, the seal pup had come ashore during a storm and ended up being stranded on a beach close to the Zarubino village which is in Russia’s eastern region of Primorsky Krai. After being spotted by the locals, the little seal pup ended up attracting a lot of attention. Hoards of people came to look at the pup and pet it. In fact, the poor seal pup was so crowded that its mother, who had managed to swim up nearby, was unable to reach the pup.

Photo: Facebook/Реабилитационный центр “Тюлень”

Local animal rights groups were finally able to intervene and get people and their dogs away from the seal pup, giving its mother a chance to approach it.

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After staying by her pup for “several hours,” Seal Rehab said that the mother ended up abandoning it and swimming off into the sunset.

Photo: Facebook/Реабилитационный центр “Тюлень”

Seal Rehab took in the abandoned seal pip to their rehabilitation center, where the vets ended up calling her Nelly. When they first found her, they updated their page, writing, “We are very sorry that little Nelly lost her mother so early, but we will try to do everything so that she grows up and returns home to the sea.”

Unfortunately, Nelly did not survive. Seal Rehab believes that Nelly’s death was due to the immense stress she felt being surrounded by people who, as they put it, were only thinking about the “likes on TikTok.” After Nelly’s passing, they updated their Facebook page, writing, “Nelly didn’t survive this night. The stress of being in close contact with people on the coast was too high. But people got a lot of likes on TikTok. Sorry for the sarcasm.”

Photo: Instagram/largahelp

The post continued to explain that people need to get better about their behaviors when it comes to wild animals. They even posted a demo video of how people should react and behave should they encounter a seal in the wild. They don’t want other wild animal babies to suffer the same fate, as they are quite susceptible to stress. As the post explained, “Adrenaline stress hormones and cortisol kill them.”

There were many people who expressed their condolences for the loss of Nelly on the Facebook post. People were saddened to hear about the seal pup’s passing. But there were a few others who were angry at the level of ineptitude displayed by the individuals on the beach.

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