Seal Holds Researcher’s Hand While On A Dive

We often refer to seals and sea lions as the dogs of the sea, and there is a very cute video that perfectly exemplifies why.

While these are wild animals who need to be treated with respect and approached with caution, sometimes there can be some extraordinary moments with them in the wild.

When one researcher was underwater studying the behaviors of grey seals, he was treated to a once-in-a-lifetime interaction with one of his subjects.

Photo: Public Domain Pictures

Underwater cameraman, Ben Burville from North Sea Pelagics, was shocked when one of the seals came up to him. But the animal didn’t just approach him, instead, the seal seemed to want to strike up a friendship as it offered Burville his flipper.

Burville obliged and took the seal’s paw, resulting in an adorable hand-holding moment. The seal seemed very enamored with his underwater visitor as the two shared a very chilled-out minute together.

Photo: YouTube/Ben Burville

Clearly, this seal saw Burville as his new BFF, and it was so cute to watch. Burville did issue a warning to others in his video description, saying:

“They are wild animals and have powerful bites. Their mouths contain a range of bacteria that can cause serious infections. Here the encounter is totally on the seals terms, in the seals natural environment. The seal is simply playing and is being very gentle. This young female seal has impressive front flipper claws and can grasp effectively with them.”

Photo: YouTube/Ben Burville

He continued to explain that he “studies the underwater behaviour of grey seals & has spent many years in their environment.”

Watch the adorable interaction in the clip below:

What do you think of the video? Have you ever seen seals act like this? Let us know!

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