Photo Captures ‘Never Before Seen’ Moment A Sea Otter Hugs A Shark

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

Most of us would never imagine that an otter and a small shark would be capable of cuddles, but apparently, one picture proves otherwise.

While off the coast of California, two photographers were capturing photos of the local marine life. That is when the two photographers happened to catch a very strange sight: a sea otter and a small shark entangled in what looked to be a tight embrace.

Photo: Facebook/Sea Otter Savvy

Don Henderson and Alice Cahill were both astounded at what they were seeing. Neither photographer had any clue how the two ended up together, and they weren’t the only ones who were baffled by the sight.

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The nonprofit organization, Sea Otter Savvy, which is on a mission to “protect sea otters from human disturbance,” even admitted in a Facebook post that they were stumped by the sight – confirming it’s a “never-before-seen phenomenon.”

Photo: Facebook/Sea Otter Savvy

The nonprofit went on to state, “If you watch sea otters long enough you will see a reasonable sample of bottom-dwelling sea life brought to the surface out of hunger or curiosity. We are not sure which was the case here but these ‘jaw-dropping’ images are the first known record of a ‘foraging-like’ interaction between a sea otter and this creature.”

The series of photos is definitely something new, and it raises so many questions. Some people have even said that it looks like the otter might be nibbling on the shark or acting like it’s a potential meal – which would be something totally new and unusual in itself.

One scientist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Michael Harris, explained to the San Luis Obispo Tribune that there is no way to tell for certain what exactly the otter is doing with the shark.

Photo: Facebook/Sea Otter Savvy

While it was a mysterious moment caught on camera, it has led to much speculation online. There are some people out there who like to think of the pair as unlikely buddies. Of course, we will never know exactly what was going on in the pictures, but it’s lovely to think that in the whole ocean, an otter and a small shark managed to forge a beautiful friendship.

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