Meet Sea Bunnies: The Adorable Sea Creatures From Japan

The world is a truly mysterious place. We still have so much to learn about it, and so many of its secrets to uncover. One creature of the deep is actually an extremely adorable sea slug. Yes, I know, the words “adorable” and “sea slug” don’t really seem like two that would go in the same sentence, but trust me on this.

First brought to the world thanks to the Japanese Twitter-sphere, are the jorunna parva sea slugs, a very unique little creature that is being compared to fluffy bunnies, and the description could not be more accurate.

The sea slugs have what appear to be little bunny ears atop their heads. Of course, these aren’t actually bunny ears, but instead, they’re sensory rhinophores the sea slugs use for finding both food and mates.

Based off a report by Sora News 24, Japanese divers have nicknamed these sea slug cuties “coma-chan,” which can be translated to “cute little sesame.”

It’s definitely a nickname that is quite fitting for these little guys. Of course, no one could ever imagine a sea slug being something that is described as cute, but here we are – with some sea slugs that are incredibly adorable-looking.

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And they also come in different colors, too:

No matter if white or yellow, they’re undeniably fluffy-looking and adorable!

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