Why In The World Do These Arachnids Glow In The Dark?

Across the animal world, there are quite a few very intriguing phenomenons that occur on a regular basis. One of these, is when animals or organisms seemingly glow in the dark. Many times this is due to something called bioluminescence, but in the case of scorpions, it is something else entirely!

Scorpions do not actually glow in the dark. They do glow however, in the light – in black light, to be precise! The scorpion shell has components that fluoresce when exposed to particular ultraviolet wavelengths. As a result, black light turns this usually plain arachnid into an amazingly vibrant little beacon of bluish light.

We may find scorpions scary (although most species do not have venom that will kill a human), but they are amazing creatures that have been around since Paleozoic times, when they grew as large as eight feet long!

Today these little predators play a vital role in the ecosystem. They are a natural indicator of habitat health, and their absence signals a depleted habitat.

We totally understand if you’re not a huge fan of scorpions – though you must admit that with their black-light glow, powerful venom, and incredible range and fossil record, they’re fascinating critters.

To learn more about their unique glow, check out the video below!

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