Scorpion Glows Beautiful Fluorescent Hues Under Ultraviolet Light

When thinking of scorpions, we don’t immediately think “beautiful.” In fact, we probably gravitate more towards the idea of terrifying.

They’re known for their big claws and deadly stingers, who like to hang out in dark places.

Anyone who’s ever spent time out in the desert probably knows to shake out their shoes before putting them on or to avoid placing hands and feet in dark crevices for fear that we might happen upon one of these scorpions.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

However, we might look at scorpions in a whole new light – literally – after witnessing how they light up under ultraviolet light.

A mother scorpion with her babies all on her back were shown to glow a brilliant blue and purple when exposed to ultraviolet light. Sarah Folts, an ecological artist known as The Butterfly Babe, captured the incredible footage and shared it online.

Photo: YouTube/Butterfly Babe

As she explained, this fluorescent trait is actually a result of specific proteins that have developed within the scorpions’ exoskeletons. What their specific purpose remains unclear, but it certainly makes for a pretty cool effect.

Photo: YouTube/Butterfly Babe

As Folts stated, “There are proteins in the exoskeleton of the scorpion that react to the UV rays and give off a green glow. The exact purpose is not known, however, it is theorized that it could help scorpions find each other or some think it’s just a fluke of evolution and has no purpose at all.”

Check out the glowing critters below:

What do you think? Have you ever seen a scorpion in ultraviolet light? Let us know!

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