When This Terrified Seal Jumped Into Their Boat The Tourists Couldn’t Help But Keep It Safe

Off the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, orcas and seals are in a constant battle between predator and prey. And it’s usually a losing battle for a lone seal when it goes up against a pod of 12 killer whales. But this time, one particular seal decided it was going to do everything in its power to not become a lunch meal.

After managing to swim away from the orcas, the seal spotted a nearby tour boat and swam over as fast as its flippers could go. Upon reaching the boat, the seal flopped its way past the motors and right up onto the safety of the deck. The seal was so scared that it kept falling in and out of the boat, but after about 40 minutes, the whales finally got bored and left the area, letting the seal go free!

“We had four or five orcas all at once sitting at the back of the boat straight up and down sort of looking at the seal,” tour guide Nick Templeman told CNN. “They would dive and they would all disappear – about 12 of them – and you can see shape after shape trying to come up from under the boat.”

Watch the great escape below!

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