Saved: 100,000 Acres of Peruvian Amazon

RedFacedMonkey_RainforestTrustThe Amazon river starts in the Andean mountains of Peru, flowing to the east.  The great Amazon rainforest follows the Amazon’s drainage basin it all the way to the Atlantic, changing in nature as it moves across South America, and providing habitat to millions of incredible species along the way.  This unique ecosystem produces about 20% of the precious oxygen we breathe, yet it is threatened every day by deforestation for industry, farming, and urbanization.

In a tremendous effort to protect the Peruvian Amazon, The Rainforest Site,, and Rainforest Trust joined forces to bring you the story of the Sierra del Divisor, a haven for sensitive species threatened by logging, oil exploration, and construction.  A matching grant presented an incredible opportunity to preserve an acre of rainforest for every 25¢ donation, up to 100,000 acres.

You rose to the challenge!  Our efforts, combined with Rainforest Trust and the matching grant, protected 100,000 acres of rainforest in the Sierra del Divisor.  The iconic jaguar will be able to roam freely though this rich habitat, along with giant armadillos, endemic bird species, and incredible amphibians and reptiles, some of which are new to science.

Thank you for your support!  The matching grant has been met, but there is still great opportunity to protect more of this very special part of the Amazon.  Just 50¢ preserves an entire acre of pristine rainforest.  Learn how you can do more to help.

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