Supermarket Adopts All The Penguins To Help Save A Zoo

We’ve seen a lot of financial crises arise as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Besides everyday people struggling, many businesses and institutions have also found themselves facing the proverbial financial pickle. The Chester Zoo was no exception as it recently revealed that they were struggling to stay afloat due to the pandemic. The zoo launched their #SaveOurZoo campaign after admitting that they had tried their best to remain confident in spite of the economic challenges they faced as they wanted to “be a beacon of hope” for the community. Unfortunately, they’re now fighting to survive.

As a result, the supermarket chain known as Iceland has come to their rescue by adopting all of the zoo’s penguins in order to show their solidarity for the #SaveOurZoo campaign.

In an effort to raise awareness about their campaign, Iceland shared a tweet that read, “SAVE THE ZOO @chesterzoo has over 35,000 threatened and critically endangered animals but may have to close its doors for good as the government has ordered them to stay closed indefinitely.”

Included in the tweet was the revelation that Iceland had aided the cause by adopting all of Chester Zoo’s Humboldt Penguins. In a different tweet, Iceland Foods elaborated that their bid to help Chester Zoo resulted in them adopting the penguins, however, the zoo still faces closer due to the coronavirus and the zoo still is home to more than 35,000 threatened and critically endangered animals.

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Committed to helping the local community of Chester save their zoo, the Managing Director of Iceland Foods, Richard Walker, revealed that the chain wanted to stand in solidarity with the zoo. Walker added that the chain was proud to join the fight to save Chester Zoo, as he described it as being a big part of the community, even revealing that he has visited as both a child and with his own children.

Walker said, “We’re proud to be able to lend them our support both through the adoption of the Humboldt penguins on behalf of our colleagues and by lobbying in support of zoos being allowed to reopen soon.”

Walker further added that the conservation work that is done by Chester Zoo is very important, therefore it needs to be saved in order for their good deeds to continue. For more information about how you can get involved and help to save the Chester Zoo, you can follow their #SaveOurZoo campaign, as well as check out their website.

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