Tortoise Arrested By Police After Escaping Enclosure Over A Mile Away

Suffolk police arrested a runaway tortoise who evaded capture for over a mile.

The 35-year-old, 120+ pound tortoise named Titan reportedly escaped his enclosure and was spotted in Kesgrave.

Suffolk police were quick to respond to the scene to help capture the giant tortoise and bring him home safely.

Photo: flickr/Brent Moore

Thankfully, they were able to successfully locate and secure Titan, who was transported home in a police van. It took three police officers to life the African sulcata tortoise into the back of the van.

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The police shared about the incident on Twitter, along with photos of his “arrest.”

Photo: Twitter/IpswichPolice

According to BBC News, Richard Aston, Titan’s owner, had no idea how he escaped in the first place.

He explained, “There was no sign of the fence being broken, and he can’t jump over it – it’s three feet high.”

Photo: Twitter/IpswichPolice

Aston actually had no idea Titan wasn’t in his yard until he received a call from the police.

Naturally, Aston was incredibly grateful for the diligent police officers who “went out of their way” to ensure his pet was safely returned home.

As for his escape, it appears it’ll remain a mystery for now – “just another of [Titan’s adventures.”

Photo: Twitter/IpswichPolice

It’s always nice to see authority figures using their power for good, and that’s exactly what the Suffolk police team did with Titan.

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