You’ll Love These Penguins’ Reactions When They See a Robotic Newcomer!

All over the globe scientists and researchers are always in search of how they can best observe animals to gain as much information as possible about their lives, habitats, and anything else that might help them should they ever become in danger.

But many times, doing this kind of in-depth observation comes at the cost of being overly invasive, which causes all kinds of problems. Interfering in the daily life of animals is not only wrong, but it hinders scientists abilities to observe truly natural interactions.

It is for this exact reason that scientists have developed an unobtrusive, adorable, and admittedly hilarious new technique for observing penguins in the wild — robot baby penguins with little cameras attached that can help them see all they have ever wanted (and more!) of these wonderful birds.

Using remote wave technology, a group of European researchers and a film crew observed a colony of emperor penguins — and the footage is fantastic.

Watch the video below to check it out!

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