Robert Irwin Is The Spitting Image Of His Dad As He Recreates Iconic Photo

Many of us remember the date of September 4, 2006, quite clearly. We may not have it marked on our calendar, but we do remember the day that Steve Irwin was diving near the great barrier reef when he was stung by a stingray. The poisonous barb went into his heart and he died. One of his colleagues and friends John Stinton was in the boat when he had the mishap and said that Steve was too close to the stingray.

It’s hard to believe that 14 years have passed, but his legacy has not disappeared forever. In fact, his son, Robert has walked in his footsteps in many ways. This includes an awesome picture of Robert with a Koala, that makes us think of his father so clearly.

Robert uploaded the picture to Instagram on February 11th, 2020. It shows him snuggling with a Koala, and you can clearly see the love he has for the animal on his face. Doesn’t it remind you of the picture of his father below?

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It wasn’t long before people were pointing out how much he looks like his father. One of the comments was: ‘You have never looked more like your father than you do in this picture. And your smile radiates that.’

Another commented: ‘Didn’t look at the name on the shirt and honest to god thought I was looking at Steve.’ A third fan agreed: ‘I thought I was looking at an old photo of Steve. You look so much like your Dad!’

Robert has been compared to his father many other times as well. He shared pictures of himself and his father in the same pose last July. Both of them were feeding Murray, a hungry crocodile. He wrote: ‘Dad and me feeding Murray… same place, same croc – two photos 15 years apart.’

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