This Toucan Is Absolutely STUNNING. But, Wait Until You See What She Likes To Do!

I’ve never seen a toucan as a pet, let alone one that acted like this. But it literally made my day! Brock and Lena Miculek Afentul of Louisiana, have an adorable pet toucan named Ripley. Brock has always loved birds and the couple got Ripley from a zoo about a year and a half ago when she was three months old. They got in contact with the breeder and waited until she hatched and was able to eat on her own before they could take her. When they got her, she was just a tiny little ball of fluff, but has grown fast since then.


She loves being curious, playing catch with blueberries or toys, and sun bathing. But one thing that she also loves to do that may surprise you is cuddle! Yes, you read that right. Ripley loves to snuggle and basically thinks she’s a lap dog, or a lap bird in this case. While having a toucan for a pet seems awesome, Brock warns people that toucans aren’t for everyone. They require a lot of work, attention, specific diets, and can’t be left alone for too long.


You can see more videos of Ripley on her YouTube channel, and can follow her journey on her Facebook page as well!

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