This Footage is the Closest You’ll Ever See A Rhino — It’s A Must Watch

Seeing animals in their natural habitats can be such a beautiful experience, especially for people who get the rare chances to see the up close and personal. But when wild rhinos are coming down a dusty road, it’s probably just best to stay out of the way.

Two rhinos in South Africa’s Mala Mala Game Reserve encountered a GoPro camera on their trail while they were out for a leisurely stroll, but they weren’t about to let a simple camera ruin their day!

This footage, captured by Reserve Ranger Roan Ravenhill, shows these gorgeous creatures simply minding their own business and going about their normal rhino lives. Even with such a seemingly normal interaction, being able to catch a glimpse of them so close is incredible.

Check out the video below, because you probably won’t ever seen a rhino this close ever again!

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