Wild Rhino Approaches Photographer To Get A Belly Rub

An Australian photographer had quite the surprise while filming in South Africa when a rhino walked up to him – and demanded a belly rub!

Garth De Bruno Austin was shooting for a film about rhino conservation in a spot he’d been going for years.

Garth had his camera out and was going out about his business like usual, when a wild rhino, who Garth recognized from previous filming sessions, walked up to him and leaned in for a rub.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Someone was able to capture the incredible moment on film, and Garth shared the short clip to his YouTube.

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In the video, you can see him holding his camera in one hand and giving the rhino exactly what he came for: belly rubs.

Photo: YouTube/Garth De Bruno Austin

“If a rhino walks straight up to you while you’re filming and wants some rubs… you better rub that rhino like your life depends on it! Lucky for me she left my URSA Mini 4K camera alone!” he said in the video’s description.

“What an amazing experience this was! These incredible animals humble you every time you see them. Please think about the fact that if we can’t save this iconic specie from extinction, then what will we be able to save?” he continued.

Photo: YouTube/Garth De Bruno Austin

While his experience was definitely an incredible one, it’s important not to try this for yourself. Wildlife should be given plenty of space, and trying to interact with a wild rhino could be fatal. In fact, rhinos are considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa, due to their size and aggressive nature.

Garth said, “I have been lucky enough to film this rhino for quite a few years and because of that have built up a level of TRUST. DO NOT try and do this with a truly ‘WILD’ rhino as it may end up with you being killed!”

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