#Reviewforscience Will Show You What These Items Are REALLY Used For

We’ve all experienced it.

After hours of browsing online, researching, and comparing, you confidently click “Confirm,” only to find your expectations deftly swooped under.

You’re in the right to complain, and you’re certainly not alone. Buyers remorse is hardly the product of the internet age, as the names St. Hubbins Tufnel, Smalls, and Stonehenge once made all too clear.

So what’s an online shopper to do?

Simple, check the reviews. For every disappointed purchaser, there are likely a few more who have spoken out about their unfortunate experience, and perhaps even more that feel their decisions were validated. Whether it’s the 5-star reviews or the bottom of the barrel scorn that moves you most, one thing is for sure, it helps to hear a little bit about how the item was being used.

Source: Twitter/Yusan Yang This
Source: Twitter/Yusan Yang
This “Surreal” log shaped planter is “good for hiding servo motors and cords to make a robot frog to test frog aggression!”

You’d want to know if your new tea strainer had a tight enough mesh to keep the leaves in, for example. And if you happen to be a scientist studying ants, you’d want to know how well it contains the insects and their brood.


Check out these scientifically accurate reviews and let us know how they strike you.

11. Pink plastic basket

Life on the farm isn’t for the faint of heart.

There are chores to be done, crops to harvest, troughs to slop. And every once in a while, a few angry chickens to weigh.

No one ever said it was easy. But then again, no one ever said you can’t enjoy it, either. As the most fashionable farmers know, a little pop of color brings some cheer to the day’s chores. Pink is a nice touch.

“Eeezy-access shopping baskets, perfect for holding and weighing angry chickens during field sampling in remote areas,” Veterinarian and PhD researcher Marisol Collins reviewed the baskets on Twitter. “Come in a pleasing array of pastel shades.”

10. Brown paper bags

The perfect package for a PB&J? Maybe. But if you’re a field biologist, you may have a less palatable purpose in mind.

“Perfect for collection & transport of predator [poop] for DNA analysis!” writes scientific reviewer Dr. Anna McDonald. “Breathable paper aids sample drying & reduces risk of mould. Advise buying new, not used, for contamination control.”

Dr. McDonald offers a word of warning. The more generic the bag, the more likely you may be to confuse it with another. You may want to buy a marker, too.

“Take care not to confuse scat samples with your lunch: not so appetizing,” she writes.

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