These 3 Rescue Videos Will Have You Shedding Tears Of Joy

Prepare to feel your heart swell with joy! The Rainforest Site, for your viewing pleasure, has compiled the best wildlife rescue stories we’ve seen.

We’ll start with a suburban rescue in the UK, then we’ll take a trip to Eastern Asia to get a glimpse at an extremely rare big cat, and finally we’ll land in Costa Rica to experience the rescue of one of earth’s most endearing creatures.

Our first rescue video comes from the folks at Wildlife Aid Foundation (WAF) in Surrey, UK. WAF’s founder Simon Cowell (the conservationist) is the perfect wildlife rescuer.

The way he interacts with trapped and scared animals exudes a deep understanding of every animal he encounters. He treats them with respect, but Cowell also uses his knowledge of the animal kingdom to bring peace, and freedom, to animals in need.

Watch the video to see Simon reunite a trapped fawn with its worried mother.

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