Gentle Wombat Makes Huge Mess Of Rescuer’s Home After Becoming A Teenager

When Bronte and Linda of Two Songs Sanctuary rescued a baby wombat, they didn’t know the full extent of what they were getting into.

The little wombat, Wardoo, started out as being sweet, loving, and gentle, according to an interview the couple did with The Dodo. The couple fed him every four hours and gave him plenty of love and cuddles, which he happily accepted.

However, his personality began to change a bit as he got older. Like any good teenager, he had quite a rebellious streak and made a big mess of the house.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Bronte and Linda shared photos and videos of little Wardoo on Instagram, and it was clear that the little guy loved to cuddle and lounge around in the house.

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They said to The Dodo, “Wardoo used to be a really, really lovely wombat…And then he turned into a teenager.”

They explained that Wardo now digs into “everything in the house and makes a mess.” Considering wombats are diggers, it makes sense that he’d start to dig into things. They don’t make great housepets.

While Wardoo couldn’t be released into the wild, he was able to get a proper den outside.

Two Songs Sanctuary added some wombat enclosures for its permanent residents thanks to donations from a GoFundMe.

In the GoFundMe, they noted that the resident wombats are expected to live with them for 30 years (or the rest of their lives), so it was important that they created “a habitat as large and as close as possible to their natural environment” as possible.

It seems the mischievous Wardoo won’t be making a mess of the house any longer.

Watch the video below:

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