Rescue Cockatoo Becomes BFFs With A Man Who Didn’t Like Birds

Fefe is a cockatoo who has not had the easiest life, but her life took a turn for the better thanks to some rescuers.

Fefe was stuck in a cage that she was too big for and her life was terrible as a result of neglect. Cockatoos will start to pull out their own feathers when they’re stressed and it’s exactly what Fefe started doing.

Unfortunately, FeFe was stuck for so long that there is a good chance her feathers will never grow back.

Photo: Instagram/fefe_the_cutest_gofin

Thankfully, a kind woman named Eve was able to save Fefe from her sad life. Eve volunteers with the Parrot Outreach Society, a nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to help birds in need. Thanks to the help of Eve, Fefe now has a second chance at life.

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When Fefe was brought into the rescue, Eve immediately fell head over heels in love with Fefe and decided that she was going to bring her home. However, Eve’s husband, Charlie, wasn’t a big fan of birds.

Photo: Instagram/fefe_the_cutest_gofin

In fact, when Eve brought Fefe home, Charlie admitted to Eve that he didn’t like birds very much.

However, it wasn’t long until Fefe had worked her way into Charlie’s heart and now the two are best friends!

Photo: Instagram/fefe_the_cutest_gofin
Photo: Instagram/fefe_the_cutest_gofin
Photo: Instagram/fefe_the_cutest_gofin

The two do everything together, and they even share bedtime snacks each night!

Watch the sweet rescue story below:

You can follow Fefe on Instagram, @fefe_the_cutest_gofin.

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