Hurricane Ian News Reporter Rescues Nurse Trapped In Flood Waters

A Florida news reporter is being hailed a hero for rescuing a woman trapped in flood waters during Hurricane Ian.

According to 12 ABC WISN, reporter Tony Atkins was filming in Orlando, Florida with a photojournalist when they spotted a woman waving and asking for help.

Photo: Facebook/WPSD-TV

The woman was in her car in the middle of the flooded street and couldn’t get out. Without hesitation, Atkins waded through the waist-deep water to the car and helped the woman back to safety.

According to 12 ABC WISN, Atkins said: “She handed me her purse. I just told her to get out. She got out through the window. I thought it’d be best to carry her on my back. She got on my back. She asked for help one time, and then I got her to safety.”

Photo: Facebook/WPSD-TV

As for the woman, she was incredibly grateful for the help Watkins offered her. She was attempting to get to work when she became trapped in the flood and she was thankful someone was there to help.

According to 12 ABC WISN, she said: “I’m still a little shaky, but I know God had him in place just when I needed him. I’m so thankful he was willing to help me and not just ignore me! I really appreciate the love he showed me! He will never be forgotten!”

As a reminder, it’s never safe to venture into flood waters. Even in shallow floodwaters, there can be unknown currents and underwater hazards that can turn the situation perilous. Plus, floods can change quickly and a road that’s covered in slow, shallow water can quickly become deep and swift.

Photo: Facebook/WPSD-TV

Always follow evacuation orders and warnings and avoid dangerous areas as advised. When people put themselves in dangerous situations like the middle of a flood, others often risk their own safety to save them.

Thankfully, Atkins and the woman made it out safely and Atkins is being hailed a hero for his courageous deed.

You can watch the rescue in the video below:

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