Stock Traders From Reddit Are Using Their GameStop Wins To Save Gorillas

Stock traders who made money on GameStop thanks to Reddit are now using their earnings to help save gorillas.

A subreddit called wallstreetbets worked to win against hedge funds who were betting against GameStop. They successfully did so when GameStop’s share price reached record-highs in February. Because of the group’s success, everyone with GameStop stock saw plenty of profits and now they’re using those profits for good.

While many people might use unexpected sums of cash to go on vacations or buy new televisions or the latest fashion trends, some people have their hearts set on a different kind of reward: seeing gorillas survive.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, a charity that works to protect endangered mountain gorillas, has received several donations from members of the wallstreetbets subreddit. Thanks to their donations, many gorillas have been “adopted” and their chances of survival have improved.

The rescue group even took to Twitter to thank wallstreebets for their generous donations. Thanks to them, they’ve raised $77,000!

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Photo: Twitter/SavingGorillas

The director of the gorilla charity was so blown away by the donations, she personally released a video of thanks. She said, “I’ve just been made aware that you’ve been adopting gorillas via our website. I just wanted to say thank you so much for this incredible support.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

She went on to say how their adoptions are helping, explaining that they are the “world’s largest and longest-running organization that is fully dedicated to gorilla conservation.”

They’re in the field helping gorillas (and the people who share the land with gorillas) 365 days a year. Their work is pretty incredible!

A message to WSB from the Director of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund! from r/wallstreetbets

As someone on Reddit shared, “Paying it forward is the best thing this community can do to counter the constant bias and hit pieces by Those Invested In Our Failure. The trimmed hedges we collect get redistributed to the apes. Such is the circle of crayons.”

You can adopt a gorilla for yourself by clicking here.

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