Baby Raccoon Loves Helping Her Adoptive Dad At Work

Monkey see, monkey do. Or at least, raccoon see, raccoon do. This particular little raccoon likes to do everything with his dad, and it is the sweetest thing imaginable.

Animals are quite affectionate, especially when they have found the person that they love. For one couple, they welcomed a precious little baby raccoon into their home.

The woman who shared the adorable footage was Nicki Schreiner, a TikTok user who has made a few wholesome videos of the baby raccoon.

Photo: flickr/Benny Mazur

Nicki shared that the baby raccoon was rescued from the inside of a rotten tree. The TikToker and her husband took the baby raccoon in after they rescued her. They named her Reba.

By the looks of the video clip, Reba really took to her new family. In fact, her new dad is her favorite person in the world, going as far as to spend all her time with her dad.

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The innocence with which the little baby raccoon trails after her dad is quite heartwarming.

Photo: TikTok/nicki__s

In the video clip, we see little Reba trailing after her dad while he is busy doing some construction work. The little baby raccoon tries to crawl onto his workstation, but her dad gentle picks her up and places her to the side.

Of course, this has no effect on Reba who is determined to spend all her time with him.

Photo: TikTok/nicki__s

She then begins to climb up his pant leg, almost getting crushed underfoot because she is so tiny. Luckily, her dad notices and again and picks her up, and puts her to the side.

Apparently, this is completely normal, and we think this is entirely adorable!

Watch the precious TikTok video below:

You can follow Nicki Schreiner on TikTok, @nicki__s.

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