When He Threw A Rock At This Frozen Lake He Couldn’t Believe The Sound It Made!

Ice is one of nature’s many amazing natural formations that can be both beautiful and dangerous, sometimes both at the same time. An iceberg, for instance, is an exceptionally pretty-looking structure, but one wrong move in a boat, and you could be going down like the Titanic.

But ice can also do some really funny things to sound waves, especially when ice gets hit by something like a rock skipping on a frozen pond or lake. This is thanks to a phenomenon called acoustic dispersion.

If a rock hits a chunk of ice, it makes a “thump” sound; that sound is made up of all kinds of different vibrations on numerous frequencies that we hear all at once.

But when you take a rock and skip it across a frozen body of water, those frequencies move outward through the ice. Since the higher frequencies move faster, those are the ones our ears hear first, which causes a sound similar to a sci-fi laser pistol.

The next time you come across a frozen lake or pond, go out and find a rock so you can hear this incredible phenomenon firsthand just like in the video below!

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