This Pack of Wild Dogs Were Harassing This Elephant, ‘Til They Saw Her Backup

A pack of wild dogs saw a young calf who had separated from the herd along with its mother and another elephant. Sensing an easy kill, the pack tried to attack the young calf several times, undeterred by the trumpeting and charging of the mother. However, the trumpeting was not just a tactic to scare predators off. It was also a signal for help, and it worked. Just when it seemed that the dogs would prevail, the help arrived.

This story isn’t the only example of elephants working to protect their young. Watch how the herd helps this little calf when he gets stuck in a water hole.

Watch the video below and experience the loyalty and dedication demonstrated by this group of elephants. Their physical strength can only be matched by their strong family bond for one another. Enjoy the video below!

Elephants are amazing creatures, but their future is in peril! In 2008 the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) agreed to unleash stockpiles of ivory in a “one-off” sale to China. The decision kicked off a surge in demand for the coveted “white gold”. Rather than reduce the need for black-market ivory and the poaching that supplies it, China’s growing middle class wants more.
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