Dozens Of Rattlesnakes Found Under California Home

As someone who grew up in Arizona, I’ve got a few rattlesnake stories. I’ve probably seen a dozen and remember the excitement and fear each time — but in just one encounter, Alan Wolf, Director of Sonoma County Reptile Rescue, has got me beat.

When he was called to a Santa Rosa, California home in early October, he wound up finding more than 80 snakes in the building’s crawlspace 22 adults and nearly 60 babies!

“What would you do if you got a call that somebody had snakes under their house, and 3 hours and 45 minutes later you come out with this?” he asked on Facebook, above photos that showed a mass of snakes in a tub:

He added that when he got the call, they “said they had a snake under there.” Then, he added wryly, “I think they were right.”

Snakes aren’t an uncommon sight, but the nest he found under this house had an unusual cause: The builders had “built up and around a rockpile,” he explained, adding, “there were so many rocks underneath this house [so] what I spent most of my time doing is turning over rocks plus fiberglass plus other garbage they never cleaned up when they built the house.”

That material and the openings into the warm, covered space made for a perfect nest!

It was just another day on the job for Wolf, who has worked with Sonoma County Reptile Rescue for years as they recover not only dangerous and invasive reptiles but even unwanted pets.

Their work doesn’t end when they’ve gathered them up, either, as they must return them to the wild in more remote areas. “I’ll be out tonight finding them new homes, [and] I think I’m gonna have a heck of a couple hikes ahead of me!” He added on Facebook.

Photo: Pixabay/PatrickLFC93

Wolf also plans to return to the house as he is sure there are more to be found.

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