Rare Heart-Shaped Amethyst Discovered By Miners In Uruguay

On the border between Uruguay and Brazil, miners were in for quite the surprise. While searching for gems and other precious minerals, the miners of Uruguay Minerals stumbled upon a very shocking natural anomaly. It was an amethyst geode in the perfect shape of a heart.

It was quite the pleasant surprise when the miners cracked it open, almost as though the earth, herself, was sharing some care and compassion towards whoever found the geode. When the miners looked at the inside of the two halves, each had a clear-cut heart.

Marcos Lorenzelli of Uruguay Minerals tells My Modern Met that is was definitely a pleasant surprise to find the unique geode, given that they had a tough time with the excavation. Lorenzelli explained that they opened up the mine like normal, but then faced difficulty as the earth proved “difficult to work.”

Heart-shaped amethyst geodes. Discovered yesterday in Artigas, by the mining company Uruguay Minerals from Reddit

But the miners’ patience and hard work finally paid off when they stumbled upon the find. Not only was it a beautiful amethyst geode, but the shape was certainly a “once-in-a-lifetime” discovery.

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Naturally, the find of such a geode has caused quite the stir. Online, thanks to posts on Reddit and other sites, the pictures of the heart-shaped geode have enjoyed a viral presence.

The mining company responsible for the find, Uruguay Minerals, sells all their discoveries on their website. And this heart-shaped geode, which has been dubbed “The New Treasure”, will be no different. If you would love to own such a rare find, you can inquire about the sale through their website.

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