This Ferocious But Adorable Frog Makes The Most Unusual Noises

Usually when an animal wants to scare off threats or predators, it will use an intimidating posture or sound to do so. Wolves will growl and bare their teeth, lions will roar, and elephants will trumpet loudly. But for the desert rain frog, things are a little bit different.

This adorable little amphibian makes its home exclusively in Namibia and South Africa, inhabiting sandy areas between the desert dunes and beaches. It’s plump body and bulging eyes make it look almost like a pufferfish with legs.

As a nocturnal animal, the desert rain frog burrows deep into the moist sand during the daytime, and only emerges during the coolness of night in order to feed on insects and larvae.

Currently, the frog is listed as a vulnerable species, mostly because it has a habitat range that is less than 2,000 square kilometers (770 miles).

But despite all of these things, it makes the cutest croaks you will ever hear! Try not to laugh though, it’s trying really hard to be intimidating.

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