This Timelapse Video Shows The Sheer Power of a “Rain Bomb”

The powerful “rain bomb”, more commonly known as a wet microburst, can produce up to 150 mph straight-line winds. With winds so strong, wet microbursts are just as destructive as tornadoes, but without the cyclonic rotation. A microburst’s lifespan could range from a couple of seconds to several minutes, but within that short period of time, the strong winds can easily rip trees from the ground or take the siding off of a house.

Microbursts are commonly accompanied by heavy precipitation but they can also appear in dry air. Both wet and dry microbursts occur when an adiabatic lapse is present. This creates a column of cool air to sink to the surface of the Earth, where it gains speed with the increased temperature differential. The end result is an outburst of potentially damaging winds on or near the ground.To watch the full power of a microburst, watch the video below!

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