Empire State Building Hosts A Moving Tribute To Cecil And Millions Other Animals Like Him

As part of an art show that occurred last Saturday, the Empire State Building was illuminated by a 33-story display featuring videos and photos of endangered animals from around the world. The moving footage included a tribute to Cecil the lion, who was killed last week after being lured off of a wildlife preserve. 40 ultra-bright projectors made the spectacle visible for 20 blocks.

The project was driven by the filmmakers who created the award-winning documentary, The Cove. They have a new project underway called Racing Extinction, which partners artists and activists striving to uncover threats to endangered species. The goal of the film is not to frighten its viewers into action, but to inspire them to be part of a positive change by sharing something beautiful that we could all lose.

The film was influenced by the proverb, “It is better to light one candle than curse the darkness.” Director Louie Psihoyos amplified that in an interview with the New York Times, saying, “You can’t light a candle bigger than the Empire State Building.” Check out the beautiful display in the video below.

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