Raccoon Stops Traffic After Getting Stuck At The Top Of A Lamp Post

The Massachusetts Turnpike experienced quite the traffic jam when a wild raccoon climbed a lamp pole and became stuck there. Officials had to close the road and perform a rescue operation to save the raccoon.

In the middle of rush hour traffic, the Newton Fire Department received a call from the State Environmental Police to help a stranded raccoon on the Massachusetts Turnpike, according to the Boston Herald. The raccoon was stuck at the top of a lamp pole around the mile 26 marker.

Fire Lieutenant Michael Bianchi spoke with the Boston Herald, saying, “We don’t typically do this.” However, they were determined to give it their best efforts to get the raccoon to safety and reopen the road the traffic.

Photo: YouTube/Boston Herald

The Boston Herald captured the rescue on video and uploaded it to YouTube. In the video, you can see two firefighters climbing the ladder of the fire truck. One of the firefighters has an animal snare and the other has a box.

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When they’re finally high enough to reach the raccoon, the firefighter with the snare begins trying to trape the little critter.

Photo: YouTube/Boston Herald

The raccoon is resistant to help, however, and does his best to evade the rescuers. Eventually, the firefighters are able to snare the animal and place him securely in the box.

As soon as the raccoon is safe in the box, you can hear cheers erupt from the bystanders and cars begin to honk in celebration.

Photo: YouTube/Boston Herald
Photo: YouTube/Boston Herald

While the rescue was incredible and the raccoon did make it to safety, commuters stuck in traffic were less than thrilled. Many people felt the raccoon wasn’t worth stopping traffic for and that the matter wasn’t all that urgent.

Officials, on the other hand, disagree. They stand by their decision to remove the raccoon from the highway lamp pole, as it posed a threat to drivers and to itself.

Watch the rescue video below:

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