Quokkas May Just Be The Happiest Animals On The Planet

We often tend to assign human characteristics to animals but sometimes, it is well deserved. After all, they are so expressive and they tend to show a lot of love, especially when they are part of our family.

Every once in a while, we also see an animal in the wild that we tend to look at as more of a human and one of those creatures is the Quokkas. We may not have them in our family but when you see one in the wild or in a picture, you can’t help but love them.

It seems as if the Internet has really taken a shining to quokkas lately. Most people have never even heard about them but now the little marsupials are making people smile around the world with the way they look.

You would have to go to Southeast Australia to find quokkas in their native habitat. They are the smallest member of the macropod family and are nocturnal. Some of the other animals in that class include wallabies and kangaroos. You will typically find quokkas digging tunnels through the Bushland. Interestingly, if you go to Rottnest Island, they are the only land animals you will see.

Rove.me said that the person who sold them was a Dutch sea captain, Willem de Vlamingh back in 1696. At first, he thought that they were gigantic rats and called their home, “ratte nest” (rat’s nest). He left the island without ever realizing that he had discovered a truly delightful creature. He thought that the island was infested with rats but today, tourists enjoy the island and all that the quokkas have to offer.

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Quokkas don’t typically have a problem approaching visitors because they lack a fear of humans. They are playful and adorable, which is why they are sometimes referred to as the “Happiest Animal on Earth.” When you look at them in the pictures, you can’t help but agree. If you happen to go visit, remember that it’s illegal to touch them and they do like to steal food.

The quokka has seen a decline in recent years but it is hoped that their newfound viral Internet fame may help to save them from disappearing altogether.

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