QUIZ: Which Celebs Are These Insects Named After?

Turns out scientists have a sense of humor!

Biologists discovered more than 135 new animals and plants last year, and when it came to choosing their names, they turned to the world of pop culture for inspiration.

Each of the following species bears the name of a famous celeb or film character. Can you see the resemblance?

Which Celebs Are These Insects Named After?

Can you guess which pop culture icons inspired the names of these newly discovered species?

Which on-screen vixen’s humanitarian work inspired this arthropod’s name?

Natalie Portman

Scarlet Johansson

Robin Wright

Angelina Jolie

Whose curves came to mind when researchers discovered this voluptuous fly?



J. Lo

Sofia Vergara

Which music legend’s activism inspired the name of this trapdoor spider?

Tom Petty

Neil Young

Bob Dylan

Paul McCartney

This fearsome wasp shares names with which infamous villain?

Darth Maul



Cruella de Vil

Which action star’s natural history film narration inspired this spider’s name?

Harrison Ford

Matt Damon

Bruce Willis

Will Smith

Which actor’s physique influenced the name of this swol beetle?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Gerard Butler

Hugh Jackman

This beetle’s name was chosen upon request from which self-aggrandizing funnyman?

Jack Black

Jon Stewart

Steve Martin

Stephen Colbert

This beetle “hairy” legs reminded scientists of which beloved movie character?

Cookie Monster




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