This Creature Is The Cutest Of Its Kind But Can You Find It?

Hidden among the coral of the Philippines live little creatures called pygmy seahorses. This tiny species is one of the smallest seahorse species in the world — with heights less than two centimeters — and possibly one of the best hiders.

Since they live in only one area of the world, pygmy seahorses have adapted to their environment so well that they look almost exactly like the coral polyps in which they hide. Like other male seahorses, the male pygmy seahorse birth their young… but they do not brood their young in a pouch! They actually brood their young in their snouts.

Pygmy seahorses also differ from their larger cousins when it comes to their gills. The pygmy seahorse only has a single gill opening on the back of their heads while other seahorse species has a pair of gills on the side of their heads.

Watch the pygmy seahorse in the video below… that is if you can find them!

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