Meet The Pygmy Jerboa: A Rodent With Kangaroo-Like Legs

We share the world with many rodents but the Pigmy Jerboa is considered to be the world’s smallest.

You will find this rodent in western Pakistan, where they aren’t necessarily the favorite living creature in the area. You will find them everywhere in that region, and they are fairly amazing animals. They weren’t seen in much of the world but a YouTube video has recently changed that dilemma.

It came from Andrew Sullivan who wrote in his daily dish blog at the Atlantic, “Behold the pygmy jerboa, like a rabbit’s face on tweety-pie’s body.”

According to Rob Voss, curator of mama allergy at New York’s American Museum of Natural History, “People have a strong tendency to like short faces and big eyes because they resemble human babies.”

Some people wonder why they have those large fine legs. Quite simply, it helps them hop!

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the rodent can jump over 9 feet. Considering the fact that it is only an average of 1 inch long, it is quite impressive.

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“Generally, you find hopping animals in deserts,” said Voss. “There’s not a lot of overgrowths, so they don’t bump into things. Hopping is a very energy-efficient way of avoiding predators.” You will find the pygmy jerboa in Afghanistan and Pakistan but it has close relatives living from Kazakhstan to the Sahara desert.

One of the things that scares a Jerboa more than anything else is an owl, which can sweep down and snag them from the sky silently.

As a result of that potential danger, Jerboas have great hearing. If you were to look at an x-ray of one of these rodents, it would look like teeth in front of giant ears.

Voss also says that jerboas have developed similar characteristics to nearby animals because they live in similar conditions.

You will find examples of hopping rodents in most of the world’s major desert regions. If they weren’t able to hop, they wouldn’t survive.

In addition to being serious on the subject, Sullivan calls the post a mental health break. Perhaps that is why many people left comments, such as: “Ahhh!! He is so, so, so, so cute!”

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