You’ll Be Amazed By The Incredible Global Journey Of The Humble Pumpkin!

Introducing the pumpkin: an amazing (and highly entertaining) food. Pumpkins have been grown in the Americas for thousands of years. These peculiar squash are now beloved around the world, come in a variety of shades from ghostly white to deep red, and range in size from tiny decorative pumpkins for the table to pumpkins so huge they have to be moved by forklift. The biggest pumpkin grown to date was 2,624.6 pounds, grown in Belgium, and that record will probably be challenged in coming years. But the tastiest pumpkin is the one you bake at home!

This delightful 3.5-minute history by NPR follows the pumpkin from its ancient origins in North America all the way to the current beloved jack-o-lantern. Turns out, the pumpkin has a colorful background reaching beyond basic foodstuff. From the pumpkin’s natural history to forays into medicine, folklore, and rather odd poetry – not to mention pumpkin beer – this amusing video covers it all.

It does fail to mention a vital usage of this special fruit… pie! (Maybe they’ll do an update for Thanksgiving.)

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