You Will Never Guess What Made This Amazing Sea Floor Art

The ocean is home to all kinds of astounding creatures of all different shapes and sizes. More mysteries of the sea are being discovered every day, much like when Japanese photographer Yoji Ookata stumbled across incredibly intricate designs in the sand of the ocean floor.

Some 80 feet below the surface in the waters off Amami Oshima at the southern tip of the country, Ookata found meticulously designed shapes spanning nearly six feet in diameter, and he wondered what could have made such a gorgeous work of art.

He returned with a camera crew and revealed the artist to be a tiny puffer fish, no more than a few inches long and equipped with nothing more than his fin and one amazing work ethic. Ookata believes the intricate undertaking is meant to attract females then provide a home for eggs once mating has occurred.

When females swim through the area, they inspect the sand circles to see if it is good enough for their taste in artwork. If they like what they see, the females will reproduce with the male pufferfish.

Incredible! Watch the video to see for yourself.

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