Protected Dove Makes A Nest On A Man’s Windshield And Now He’s Not Allowed To Operate The Vehicle

You never quite know what you are going to see when you begin watching videos on TikTok. Aside from all of the exercise and recipe videos, there are occasionally some interesting tidbits that are worth considering.

Included among them is the man who can’t drive his car because a bird belonging to a protected species built a nest on it.

Hero_JP is a TikTok user who walked up to his car in an underground garage and saw something unusual on the windshield.

Photo: TikTok/hero_jp

A dove had made a nest there but the driver didn’t realize that the bird is protected by law.

When posting the video on social media, he asked that you ignore his dirty car and then asked what should he do? Should he just drive?


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He tried to get the bird to fly away, but the bird wasn’t having any of it. He then decided to get in his car and drive forward slowly to try to get the bird to move.

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Unfortunately, he found out that the bird had already laid an egg in the nest.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

That is when the guilt set in and he parked his car in an attempt to get the bird to come back.


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♬ original sound – Hero_JP

He even used a cardboard box to try to get the bird to move its nest off of his car.

Photo: TikTok/hero_jp

It didn’t work, so he put the box back on his car and called the wildlife rescue in the local area. They told him that after the bird lays an egg, it’s federally protected so he can’t move the car.


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I guess we all have things to worry about, but I’ve never heard of this one!

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