Preparing To Hibernate With Black Bears

When winter approaches, food sources dwindle for the black bear and they must alter their sleeping habits in order to make it through the winter. This extended sleep is called hibernation, and lasts for several months. The change in the seasons triggers hormones within the mother bear that alert her when it is time to prepare for hibernation. A large area is needed in order for the mother bear to select a secure and safe place to create her den, because it must be able to sustain them safely for many months with no interruptions or possible threats.

The Sky Islands are spread throughout the southwest United States and northwest Mexico, and are home to many native North American species, including the black bear. You have the opportunity to preserve the natural habitat of black bears and keep them safe during their hibernation by donating to our Gift That Gives More dedicated to saving 32,000 acres (50 square miles) of Sonora’s Sky Islands. Learn what you can do to help preserve their habitat!

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