Male Praying Mantis Filmed Doing An Elaborate Dance In Viral Video

Nature is full of stunning scenes if we’re only paying close enough attention.

When it comes to the natural world, we often overlook insects, but they actually can be quite complex little creatures with various rituals.

One online bug breeder, BugzUK, has managed to get some pretty amazing footage of a male target mantis. The little insect was captured doing what is known as a defense dance, which is quite elaborate and intense.

Photo: YouTube/WooGlobe
Photo: YouTube/WooGlobe

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The bug’s markings come in handy as the circles on its wings make it look bigger than normal. It’s this illusion that is the insect’s secret weapon. Not only does it scare off potential predators, but it can also intimidate other mantises – or even humans!

Photo: YouTube/WooGlobe

I mean, I would be scared by this little bug if I saw that defense dance.

As BugzUK has stated, “This adult male tends to display virtually any time I go near it. The display often works because the big spots on the wings look like the eyes of a much bigger creature.”

Watch the video below:

What do you think of this mantis? Have you ever seen one for yourself? Let us know!

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