Prairie Dogs Greet with a Kiss

Prairie dogs. They’re cute. No, let’s face it: they’re downright adorable. Personally, I could watch them skitter around being downright adorable all day.

But beyond their adorable-ness, how much do we really know about these animals? Well, it turns out that they’re actually remarkably quirky and interesting.

Prairie dogs, which are a type of ground squirrel, are located throughout North America’s grasslands. They get their name from the sound they make– a dog-like bark. If you’ve ever seen a prairie dog, you can probably intuit that they are a tight-knit species (because when was the last time you saw just one prairie dog?). In fact, hey live in huge communities (by critter standards), and have found that the best way to recognize each other is by touching teeth — which is both weird and endearing.

But that’s not all! Watch the video to lear more about these charming little marmots. The footage of them doing prairie dog things is downright… well, we’ll say it again… adorable!

Take a look!

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