Meet The Giant Flesh Eating Snails From New Zealand

Giant carnivorous snails exist, and if that fact isn’t enough to send a shiver down your spine, than seeing one in action surely will.

The Powelliphanta snail, a denizen of New Zealand, is already an intimidating beast, growing to up to over 3.5 inches in length. As a carnivore, it feeds on other living creatures to survive, like earthworms and other slugs.

They “suck them up through their mouth just like we eat spaghetti,” New Zealand’s Department of Conservation maintains.

Source: YouTube/BBC Earth
Source: YouTube/BBC Earth

It’s the stuff of nightmares. Or, at least, night crawlers.

The Powelliphanta can devour an earthworm in a matter of minutes, and likely goes through several hundred over the course of its 20-year-average life span.

Overpopulation of Powelliphanta predators, like rats and opossums, has led to a decline in the snail population, but mollusk-minded New Zealanders have found a few solutions. Pest control and pig fencing have produced the best results so far.

Source: YouTube/BBC Earth
Source: YouTube/BBC Earth

Learn more about this incredible creature in the video below!

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