A Polar Vortex Could Make Next Week The Coldest Of The Season

Depending upon where you live in the United States, you are either describing the winter of 2020/2021 as being mild or miserable. As we are about to enter into the second half of the season, we may be seeing what is described as a “major shift in the weather pattern.” In other words, you might want to break out the heavy coats.

The big news in weather this year is the polar vortex. Surprisingly, it is nothing new and has been around for as long as the Arctic has been cold.

The air above the Arctic tends to circulate counterclockwise, similar to a hurricane. On occasion, the spinning slows down and weakens and it allows the cold weather to move south and cover the United States. When it does so, a lot of cold weather comes along with it.

The polar vortex has been monitored carefully by meteorologists and they think that it is a harbinger of cold news. Having a cold winter is not out of the ordinary, but it is double trouble for this year because much of the United States has been experiencing an above-average temperature winter so far.

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According to AccuWeather, Dave Samuhel, a senior meteorologist for AccuWeather, said: “The anticipated waves of Arctic air will have their cold tasks cut out for them at first, but once the pattern gets rolling, a major surge in heating demand is expected, and winter storms and lake-effect snow that become intertwined in the cold blasts can hit travel and daily activities hard in parts of the Midwest and East.”

If you live in the northern Rockies and planes, you can expect the cold weather on January 18-19. The Eastern and south-central United States has an extra day or so until the cold weather arrives.

Even though temperatures will likely be above average when all is said and done, a 20° drop in temperature is nothing to sneeze at.

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