This Is Why The Polar Bear Capital Of The World Is Simply Breathtaking

The polar bear’s natural habitat is in the Arctic, where they hunt for food in the leads between ice patches in the ocean. They rely on packed-down ice floes in order to eat, den, and breed. But as yearly temperatures continue to rise, the ice’s dynamic cycle of melting and freezing has become more tumultuous, forcing polar bears further north in the hopes of finding a more consistently icy climate.

Today, 60% of the world’s population of polar bears can be found in the Canadian Archipelago, where there is an abundance of ice and prey. However, in just a few decades, the polar bears’ habitat may disappear altogether.

As humans, we can do a lot to stop the disappearance of the Arctic. By participating in initiatives like the Thermostat Challenge and petitioning to protect polar bear habitats, we can help protect this keystone predator from losing its habitat, and ultimately going extinct.

Learn more about polar bears, and what you can do to help sustain their habitat.

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