Polar Bear Cub Is Melting Hearts By Snuggling Into Mama Bear In Viral Video

Polar bears are the largest bears in the world weighing up to 1,300 pounds and standing up to 9-feet tall. They are fantastic swimmers, incredibly strong, and amazing mothers.

Polar bears give birth to one or two cubs at a time and spend the next two and a half years raising them. The cubs learn how to hunt, swim, and survive on their own.

Just like children, cubs love to nap with their mothers. A video clip shared by ABC News shows a polar bear cub nestling into its mother’s back for a nap, but it can’t stop wiggling around. The sweet moment was captured at a national park in Manitoba, Canada.

All mothers can relate to this and admire the patience of the mama bear. One viewer commented, “I love mama’s technique: ignore the behavior and they will eventually get bored and will go to sleep…I feel you mama. My kid does the same.”

Another wrote, “Just like any toddler… Can’t sit still and keep squirming until they finally pass out. Just like any mother… Patience!”

Polar bears are fascinating animals with their blue tongues, gigantic paws, and resilience in the bitter cold temperatures.

Photo: Pixabay/mtanenbaum

Sadly, the sea ice that they rely on to hunt seals, breed, and rest is quickly disappearing.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) states, “Due to climate change the Arctic is heating up twice as fast as anywhere else on the planet, shrinking the Arctic sea ice cover by 14% per decade. Compared to the median sea ice cover recorded between 1981-2010, we have lost about 770,000 square miles, an area larger than Alaska and California combined.”

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