If You See This While Walking In The Woods, Run The Other Way

A walk in the great outdoors can do wonders for the soul. The fresh air, the sound of the birds, and the breeze blowing through the leaves can make 9-to-5 frustrations seemingly melt away.

It’s not unusual to find outdoorsy types spending their days off hiking, camping, and fishing when the weather gets nice. But while they’re hiking through the woods, they might not be thinking about the dangers that hide around each corner. There are deadly threats in the wilderness, and many people may not realize just how close they come.

Some plants produce poisons and toxins naturally. Some are quite colorful, and though they look harmless, they’re anything but.

Certain plants in the woods near you may be dangerous enough to harm both people and pets.

Source: American Web Media Poisonous plants arte prevalent in the woods of North America.
Source: American Web Media
Poisonous plants arte prevalent in the woods of North America.

5. Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet looks like a common chrysanthemum, but hides a deadly secret. Every part of this plant is toxic, including the seeds, roots, and leaves. Ingesting the Angel’s Trumpet can lead to hallucinations, labored breathing, and even death.

The poison is so toxic, it can make a person sick just by touching it.

Source: American Web Media Angel's Trumpet.
Source: American Web Media
Angel’s Trumpet.

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4. White Snakeroot

White Snakeroot looks much like the harmless, dainty, baby’s breath plant found on roadsides throughout the U.S. It is common throughout the Midwest and Eastern United States.

That’s where the similarities end. Before people understood the real difference between the plants, cows were known to ingest this flower, and as a result, infect their own milk supply. Modern farmers are much more careful about keeping their livestock away from these plants.

Source: American Web Media White Snakeroot.
Source: American Web Media
White Snakeroot.

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