SO Funny and SO Adorable! I Had No Idea Elephants Play Like That!

Elephants are incredibly social animals that interact with their herd with very in-depth social experiences, especially when it comes to the matters of child rearing. Young elephants desperately depend on their family to teach them the ropes of being an elephant.

There’s a lot to learn about life in the wild and not a lot of time to learn it!

Sometimes, in order to learn to essential survival tools for getting by in the wild, it takes some special lessons from other elephants who have been there before. The best teachers are always the ones who have years of experience, even for animals!

This video features two young male elephant cousins imitating their elders and play-fighting with each other. This type of play is a valuable learning tool for little ones needing to master the mannerisms of these highly social animals.

Check out the video below to see this incredible teaching moment in action.

And who knows, you might even learn something to help you out too!

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