Now THIS a Way to Grow a Love of Reading!

A new book has children in Argentina cultivating more than just a love of learning! Intended for kids between the ages of eight and twelve (though also adored by adults), My Papa Estuvo en la Selva (My Father Was in the Jungle) can be planted once the reader has enjoyed it. Written and illustrated by Gusti and Anne Decis, the true story follows the young narrator’s father on his adventures in the Ecuadorian jungle.

Book in Dirt

Part of the initiative, Tree Book Tree, Mi Papa Estuvo en la Selva is made on acid-free paper with non-toxic ink. Seeds of the Jacaranda tree, which is native to Argentina, are sown into the pages of the book. When the reader is done enjoying the book, they water its pages and place it in the sun, facilitating the germination of the seeds and allowing them to sprout.

Jacaranda Tree

Raquel Franco, director of Pequeño Editor, hopes the book will be read, loved, and planted in a metaphoric gesture of the books message about “the respect we owe to all living beings.â€

Kids Planting Book

“-everything we read also takes root in us and is part of our mental library, our culture, of who we are as people.”

-Raquel Franco

This beautiful book is a great way to get children thinking about the way in which they are influencing the world around them, while also encouraging a love of reading. Watch below to learn more!

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