Rare Fuchsia-Colored Cricket Found In The Wild

When we think of pink animals in nature, we often think about flamingos. They’re the most well-known of the pink species. But they’re not the only ones. There are plenty of other pink animals in our world, including insects. There are even pink crickets out there, however, they’re quite rare to spot. Statistically speaking, there is only a 1 in 500 chance of finding a pink cricket.

But for one bug enthusiast, Deri Saputa, the unexpected occurred when he found one out in the wild. Talk about a very lucky find. The very rare katydid was a brilliant fuchsia color – a result of what is known as erythrism—a genetic mutation. This condition causes the absence of the normal green pigmentation and instead has abnormal red pigmentations instead.

Katydids are normally green in color since the color allows the insects to camouflage their large, leaf-shaped bodies among their surroundings in order to hide from predators.

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Because pink katydids are vividly colored, they don’t blend into their surroundings. This makes them easy pickings for predators – something that could explain their rarity in the wild.

Saputa’s discovery of the pretty pink insect was definitely a lucky one. The insect enthusiast was sure to record the moment on camera, capturing the incredibly fortunate encounter of the pink katydid crawling on his fingers. He uploaded the occasion on his Instagram and YouTube.

Watch it below:

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