Rare Python Looks Like A Jack O’ Lantern

Nature is a truly fascinating thing the way it can create such colorful patterns on animals. And there is one snake in particular who has a constantly festive look. The rare pythons with the unusual markings across their bodies are known as the piebald ball pythons. And they’re completely natural markings as well, since they are born with them.


These unusual snakes are white, yet they have certain pigmented splotches throughout, all due to a condition known as leucism, where a lack of pigmentation happens. These rare occurrences aren’t just limited to pythons either, as they can also occur in cattle, dogs, penguins, horses, birds, and pigs. Also, this kind of leucism accounts for animals such as white giraffes and pale tigers.

Granted, a python parent with the condition isn’t guaranteed to automatically give birth to babies with the piebald pattern. Often times, these rare snakes get mistaken for “beginner” snakes, however, that is untrue as pieball pythons can grow up to 4.5 feet and have a lifespan between 25-30 years, just like other snakes.


As per the WorldofballPythons,”the amount of white is typically a random occurrence. Pieds are a color and pattern mutation with an aberrant body pattern while the head is typically normal looking.”

Naturally, the people on social media have had plenty to say about these incredibly gorgeous snakes. One Twitter user commented, “The piebald python is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long while. And they only grow to a meter long.”

Someone else wrote, “I really don’t like snakes but I must say that’s very pretty looking. I love the unique color pattern it has.”

A third added, “Wow a jack o lantern snake now that is awesome.”

Check out some of these gorgeous pythons below:



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