Photographer Hand-Feeds Wild Birds And Captures It All In Slow Motion

Jocelyn Anderson is a photographer who has specialized in capturing incredible footage of small birds eating straight from her hand. The photographer, who is like a real-life Disney princess, has managed to get the video footage in slow-motion.

This means that viewers get a slower, more in-depth look at how each bird flies to and eats from her hand.

In the videos, you can see the birds accept some nuts or seeds from her hand before flying away. Some birds will even rest on her hand briefly, while others will literally just eat and run.

Regardless of how each bird approaches Anderson, the clips are quite artistic and creative.

Photo: YouTube /Jocelyn Anderson Photography

She explained that her idea to capture these moments rose as a result of her having hand-fed birds for years. She would often go to parks and interact with these winged creatures. As the birds got used to her, they then felt more comfortable about approaching her whenever she had food on her. Her choice of treat would often be either peanuts or sunflower seeds.

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According to PetaPixel, she explained:

“Often smaller birds move too quickly for the human eye to catch the details of their movements. I use my iPhone 11 to record their flight and their antics while they select their snacks of choice. These birds are small but have big personalities!”

Photo: YouTube /Jocelyn Anderson Photography

Check out some of her videos below:

What do you think? Have you ever managed to hand-feed a bird? Let us know!

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